BioDMET is a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation tool that has been under development in the Computational Biology and Biostatistics Laboratory at GE Global Research since 2005. It is used to calculate the distribution of pharmaceutical agents in the various tissues and organs of a human or animal as a function of time. BioDMET was originally developed and applied to problems involved in developing molecular imaging agents for GE Healthcare. The scope of the work was later expanded to model the effect of prospective therapeutic agents in a pathogen-infected host.

How it Works: It uses ordinary differential equations to represent the circulation of body fluids through organs and tissues (macroscopic scale) and the biological transport mechanisms and biotransformations within cells and their organelles (molecular scale). Each major organ in the body is modeled, accounting for the circulation flows of arterial and venous blood and lymph. Each organ is composed of one or more tissues that are made up of cells and fluid spaces.

Main parts of the tool:

Input required

Output- Concentration-time curves in every tissue/space.

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