Before you run the application please check to see that you have the right version of Java and have downloaded the set of model files. For more information, please consult the system requirements published on this web site.

If you are a first-time user, we recommend that you download and follow along with our "Quick Start" Guide. This document provides a brief overview of the BioDMET tool plus a tutorial on how to use it to setup and run a simulation. (Note: the size of the file is over 4MB.) The "history of changes" to BioDMET is now available.

Next, click on the link below to download and run the application:

When you click on the link to run the application you will see a popup window with the title: "Warning - Security", stating:

The application's digital signature cannot be verified. Do you want to run the application?

The BioDMET application reads and writes files from/to your computer's local file system. In order to enable that functionality, the Java library files used to bundle the application must be digitally signed. For the beta version we are using a signature key that we generated ourselves, versus using one generated by a third party (such as Verisign) who can authenticate our identity. For this reason you are getting the warning message that the signature cannot be independently verified. Please click on the "Run" button on the popup window.

The BioDMET application will then be run on your computer.

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