BioDMET System Requirements

BioDMET should run on any platform that supports Java and web browsing. However, it has only been tested thoroughly on Windows using Internet Explorer.


BioDMET requires version 1.6 (or newer) of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. (Note: this is also known as version 6 of Java.) To check if you have the latest version of Java follow this link. If the resulting web page says you have "Version 6" installed, then you have the right environment to run the BioDMET application. Otherwise, to get the latest version of Java go to: Click on the "Free Java Download" button in order to begin the download and installation process.

Model Files

The other requirement to run the BioDMET application is a set of host and agent model files, prebuilt model components used to run a simulation. When you first run BioDMET, the files will be downloaded to a subdirectory named "biodmet" off of your user account directory. The "biodmet" directory will contain the following subdirectories:

The model files can also be downloaded from the "Downloads" section of our web site.

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